Monday Sept 26

Monday Sept. 26

Hi everybody Larry here again. We left Tel Aviv @ 830 and headed for Caesarea by the Sea. This is where Herod lived in a fantastic palace in this amazng port. Paul was imprisioned here for a time and Peter came here to meet Cornelius.

Then it was off to Mount Carmel where Elijah had it out with the prophets of Baal.  Beautiful view of the Jezreel valley and Nazereth.. jezreel

We continued around the Jezreel Valley to Mount (Har) Meggido or Armegedon.This is where Solomon stabled his horses. Also the experts have found evidence of 25 civilizations built one on top of the other. We are learning so much and the Bible is truly coming alive.

As for those that thought Lynda and I wouldn’t be able to keep up wth Ralph and Brenda check them out at 4 pm on Day 1 of the tour.


we were all a bit tired after today so I will keep this short, but here is a pcture from Meggido.