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Music Brings Us Together – Christian Music and Eccumenism

  Some have said that “music brings us together”, and this appears to be true.  Calls for unity can be heard from many sectors of culture.  Music bringing different people groups together is not only a secular idea, but it’s also becoming a reality in evangelical circles.  Due to the popularity of worship bands and music in evangelical churches, the worship music industry is being used as a driving force for the evangelical church to join hands with the Vatican.  Many Christian leaders are advocating for unity among denominations, but don’t define what they mean by unity.  We have

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Charismatic Worship – Heaven on Earth?

Charismatic Worship – Heaven on Earth? Charismatic churches teach that music/sound is used to not only praise God, but as a means of connecting to the supernatural and bringing heaven to earth, however scripture teaches that we are simply to sing praises to God with gratitude in our hearts. Corporate singing has evolved from churches singing songs that have depth of theology in lyrics to simplistic repetitive phrases built around amateur rock bands, lights and performance. While there are variations on this scale, even a casual observer will be able to notice a difference in corporate worship in many

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Disney, Star Wars and the New Age Agenda of Entertainment

Download PDF New Age Agenda of Entertainment   As one looks at the culture in America, we can ask ourselves why there is so much hostility to the Christian worldview in government, education and entertainment.  Understanding the impact of the 1960’s counterculture is important on the course of culture in America, but then one would wonder why there was even a counterculture in the first place.  In Paul’s second letter to Timothy when describing men’s character in the last days, he states: (2 Timothy 3:13) “13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being