Fallen Angels and Nephelim

While there are many Bible scholars as well as Christians that would consider fallen angels mating with human women creating nephelim to be a fringe topic that appears to sound like mythology combined with science fiction, I believe understanding this is very key to understanding the “why’s” in the Bible that appear to be extremely harsh and final judgements from God.

There is an abundance of evidence to show that a global flood happened, but why did it happen? It has to be more than people behaving badly as there are tyrants, war, violence, genocide and perversion all throughout recorded history. What seperates the time before the flood is that it’s characterized by the “Sons of God taking the daughters of men…” Genesis 6:2 Satan’s goal was to corrupt the DNA of humans. The Sons of God took the daughters of men. Their goal wasn’t to settle down and have a family with a pretty wife. They saw the women as a means of corrupting the offspring to create “hybrids. God’s judgement on this play by Satan was complete as He flooded the entire world there by killing everything except Noah who was “perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:9).

When Satan understands that the Messiah will come through the line of Abraham and Abraham was promised the land of Israel, the focus is to corrupt this land prior to the Hebrews entering the land. God’s command is to kill everything in the land from certain tribes. Man, woman, child and animals are to be all destroyed. This seems extreme and harsh unless you understand that these tribe have nephelim and the animals may also have corrupted DNA. Some of the Caananites may have stood more than 15 feet tall. God wants complete destruction of those that have hybrid DNA.

Greek mythology is the most recognizable as many are not as familiar with other cultures of the near east in their mythology. An active imagination isn’t enough to promt intelligent people to build temples and idols. I believe these are based on eye witness accounts of giants and fallen angels who would have been worshiped as gods.

The end times are characterized by a statement from Jesus in Matthew 24:37

“But as the days of Noe [were], so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

The days of Noah were characterized by sons of gon manifesting in our dimension creating hybrids which are known as nephelim. It was much more than normal life events. In our day this lines up with alien abduction, ufo sightings, transhumanism, chimeras and DNA manipulation.

Without understanding this, God will seem harsh in His judgements both in regards to Caanan and the flood. Unfortunately, most churches don’t teach this and most Christians have never heard it.

The Rob Skiba video: Mythology and the Coming Deception is a good watch to understand this further: