Friday Sept 30

Today was a busy day as we went to the Jewish Quarter and saw the Western wall. Then to the Southern steps or the crooked steps as described in scriptures I beleive in Isaiah.  Dan as always is able to connect where we are to our Lord.  Over and over again this Land tries to speak of our Lord, Dan makes sure we don’t miss it.




From the southern steps we moved to the City of David.  They have made some incredible improvements to this park and now you can get to the pool of Siloam from the Canaanite Tunnels (the dry tunnels) without leaving the park.  We hope to return to this park after the tour and walk through Hezekiah’s tunnel!


Then it was off to the Quarter Cafe for lunch. Lunch was excellent, the salads are the best I have ever tasted.  The owner walked up to me and said that it had been a long time since he had seen me! He even remembered what tour I had been on last time.

Then we were off to an appointment for time in the private section of the Garden of Gethsemane. We avoided cars coming down the crazy steep and narrow road as we waited for the man with the key to open the iron gate. Once inside Dan had another Selah talk and set us loose to find a private spot to sit and pray and be with the Lord in His prayer retreat! Wow! He will hear us anywhere we call on Him but there is something very special about being in places He enjoyed while on Earth! It is had to believe that He is not smiling upon us!