Oct 1, 2016 – Masada


Up early and off to Masada. This is a big mountain upon which Herod built an escape palace in case he ever had to run away.  Even in exile you still have to live like a king! This is also where the Jewish rebels held off the Roman army.  Amazing views of the surround land and there is still visible evidence of that ancient seige.

From there we went to the beautiful “Wilderness” area where David hid from Saul – Ein Gedi.We started off viewing several Ibex feeding on the leaves of trees. These beautiful animals will stand on their hind legs and reach up to feed. We hiked up this desert area until we came to a series of waterfalls and we soaked our feet in the cool water. If ever there was a place to write a psalm, this is it. Oh and by the way David wrote several here.




From there we went to Qumron where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.  It was very hot and we just stayed a short while as it was very hot, But we saw the first cave where the first scroll was found!

Then The Dead Sea! Who knew Ralph could float! Katie and Juli did the whole mud smear thing and wow, are they beautiful now! No pictures as the salt would kill the camera.  After the float back to Jerusalem.  Boy things are heating up here for Rosh Hashona (spelling may be wrong)! Jews pour into the Old City in droves to get ready. Tomorrow should be spectacular. Shalom.