Oct 2 2016 – Rosh Hashona eve

Shana tova, (spelling…),

We started the day at Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum). This time it did not effect me like the previous two trips…..until the near the end. Then it hit me all over again.  How people can treat others so terribly always hits you emotionally. Yad Vashem ensures that we won’t forget but it also celebrates those that helped the Jews through this awful time, often at great personal cost. May the Lord help me to be that strong when the time comes.

We then went to the Israel Meseum and viewed a huge model of what Jerusalem would have looked like during the second temple period,  This was an amazing model which helped us see the land and the city from an aerial view. The museum also had a replica of the Isasiah scroll found in Qumran. Our Bible has not changed, the scroll helps prove it!

We then went to th Shuk. This is a market for vegetables, and just about everything else.  We stopped to eat the best fish and chips in the world! The problem was that there was no place to sit so we all stood at a counter designed for placing food on while you stood.  It was very crowded and we were very close to a father and his children sitting a foot away from us. Lynda recognized the father as Josh Aaron, a Messianic Jewish singer we have been listening to for some time. Check him out oon Youtube his music is fantastic.  He said he was very honored to meet us. and introduced us to his children. His dauther has been on his video “He is Coming Again”. What a great guy!

We then had dinner at the Hotel Gloria  and Katie and Juli together with Tod and Kim from Lake City led us in some amazing woship songs on the roof of the Gloria Hotel! Dan said that this was a time of worship that he will never forget. Me neither. No pictures today as I had left my camera at home today.

Oh and sorry Tammy I am now only 1 day behind and will try to catch up this afternoon! The girls have been sending me updates but I have been having trouble getting and opening them so hopefuly we can work those issues out soon!