Oct 3 -Last Day of Tour

Well can’t believe this is the last day but then we have seen so much that it will be nice to slow down tomorrow and soak in the culture.  We started off at Peter of the Cock Crow church.  This is where they say Peter denied Christ. Also it is an area where they found a cistern like pit that had never been plastered and had rope burns into the soft rock opening. Could this have been where they put Jesus into before His trial? David’s Psalm 88 describes how Christ may have felt during this time.



Then to Saint Anne’s Curch where the ruins of the Pools of Bethesda are and where Jesus healed.  It is a block away from our next destination where they have found a portion of the pavement of the Antonio fortress where Jesus would have been scoured. On the pavement was a carved Roman Board Game that could have been what the sooldiers were playing as they beat Jesus.




In the afternoon we went to the Church of the Holy Spulchre. This is one of the possible spots where Jesus was crucified and buried. The feeling inside wa very dark and opressive.

In contrast the next place we visited was the Garden Tomb.  What a peaceful and worshipful site.  Tod lead worship, again with Kim, Katie and Juli. The wonderful worship was drawing others to our site.  Dan had been helping us to understand  exactly what Jesus had been put through, much more horrible then any movie can depicted. Now he led us in a communion service as Tod sang a wonderful song called “We Will Remember”. A song he wrote. What a wonderful way to end our tour.



We had a farewell dinner on top of the Notre Dame Hotel to the Northwest of the Old city. The food was wonderful…the view even better.

Look for pictures to be added later today.