Oct 4

Hi everyone, I am writing this at At 6:30 in the morning as the Jays go into thebottom of the 11 inning. Go Jays!

Yesterday we slowed way down and had a leisurely breakfast. At 10:15 we headed out to the Old City, walked out the Dung Gate and then through the Kidron Valley, the cemetaries up the Mount of Olives.What a view! Then we went into the Lion’s Gate, through the Moslem Quarter.  We went up the Austrain Hospice and what a view of the Old City.

Yaaayyy, Jays win!

I really enjoy walking around the Old City. So many cultures, so much color and energy. You all have to see it! Maybe “…Next year in Jerusalem” for you all!!


golden-gate-view golden-gate kidron