Sunday Sept. 25 – Arrival

Well we arrived at Ben Gurion Airport at 12:15 Sunday Sept 25.  We had been delayed 3 hours to change a tire on the plane and fix a leaky pipe.We hired a cab and checked into the Dan Panarama in Tel Aviv about 2:30.  It was hot and windy in Tel Aviv. We went for a walk on the beaches of the Mediterraean Sea just across a small park from our hotel and continued South to Jaffa.  We made it to the Port of Jaffa looking for a ship to Tarshish!

We connected with the rest of our tour group for dinner and then had an organizational meeting. Then everyone ran to their beds as we have to be packed and ready for breakfast at 6:30 then on the bus by 7:40. Our tour begins tomorrow with the following:

Caesarea by the Sea/Tel Meggido/Mount Precipice (overlooking Nazereth)/Mount Carmel (Elijah encounters the prophets of Baal). Should be a busy day.

Then, in the evenng, I believe we will be on the Worship Boat “Faith” singing songs to our Lord and trying to process just how amazing it is to be on the body of water where He walked!

We will be staying at Nof Ginosar Kibbutz Hotel near Tiberias (on the Sea of Galilee) for 3 nights. We are all excited to see what the Lord will show us! Thanks for your interest. Goodnight!