Thursday Sept 29 – (a bit Late)


Well an interesting day. We started by going to Bet She’an. a Roman ruin on top of 25 other civilizations.Incredible history as this city was situated in a position that force both those traveling on the Great Sea Route and the King’s Highway (The only 2 route’s for trade between the North and South) The moasics and pillars and theatres were incredible. Of course our whole group made it to the top of the huge tel (Tel= hill created by civilization after civilization building on top of the previous ruins.  Here there were 25 civilizations creating a large

The we visited the Jordan river where baptisms and rededications were preformed in the river. It was beautiful.

The 3 of us decide to take a very quick camel ride (once around the parking lot. I will let you guess 2 of the 3 that went but the picture is of the first one to run up and jump on!


Then we were off to our hotel inside the walls of Jerusalem. That first glimpse of Jerusalem is always heart stopping (even after 3 journeys. We stopped on the Mount of Olives to view the city before going to our hotel.jerusalem

First moment in Old City Jerusalem!!!


After checking in we all went for a walk in the old city down to the Western Wall where everything was buzzing in preparation for Rosh Hashana. Children singing, yound men dancing. and as the evening progressed more and more Jews poured into the Jewish Quarter right past our hotel! Can’t wait for tomorrow, Shalom.